Treating the triad: teeth, muscles and TMJs

Ciuffolo F, Co-author of chapters in “Treating the triad: teeth, muscles and TMJs”. Cozzani G, Ed Quintessence, 2009.



Although most discussions of the relationship between the teeth, orofacial muscles, and temporomandibular joints focus on diagnosis, this essential book outlines the guiding principles of clinical therapy to maintain or recover function as part of orthodontic treatment. In this forthcoming book, experienced author and clinician Dr Giuseppe Cozzani begins with a discussion of the fundamentals of normal and abnormal function of the temporomandibular joint. Through the use of beautiful illustrations and detailed, step-by-step clinical cases, the author springboards from this sound foundation to presents carefully weighed diagnostic approaches and functional-recovery therapeutic procedures. The importance of thorough diagnostic imaging for individualized treatment is emphasized, especially in the two in-depth treatment-planning chapters, which are split into two phases: musculoarticular therapy (primarily achieved through splints) and orthodontic occlusal finishing. The book is both practical and creative, as it includes a refined discussion of the use of various splints, focusing on successful use of the six-point and anterior repositioning splint, but also devotes a chapter to innovative uses of orthodontic tools for TMD treatment, such as miniscrew implants and Invisalign aligners. While orthodontic treatment is the main focus, surgical, prosthetic, and occlusal equilibration methods are also discussed.




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